Forest City Coastal Villas

Forest City Coastal Villas offer a luxurious and peaceful residential experience. They have permanent ownership, so you can enjoy your property for the long term. The villas come in single, double, and quadruple units, with a living area ranging from 48 to 173 square meters. Each villa has a unique design and construction to meet your needs. From spacious living spaces to peaceful outdoor spaces, you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of home. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or a luxurious vacation home, Forest City Coastal Villas can provide a suitable choice for everyone.

Forest City Landmark Office/Apartment

Forest City Landmark Apartment/Office is a high-quality residential option in Forest City, especially suitable for business professionals. Whether you need high-quality office space or a comfortable residence, you can find what you need here. These apartments have an area of 35-119 square meters and provide a variety of sizes to meet different residential needs. In addition, the landmark apartments/offices are adjacent to other parts of Forest City, making life very convenient.

The Forest City Landmark Apartment/Office has modern facilities such as parking, swimming pools, and gyms to meet the various needs and comforts of residents. In addition, the apartments provide 24-hour security services, providing you and your family with more security and protection.

High-rise Apartments

The high-rise apartments in Forest City are a very comfortable and modern way of living. These residences are suitable for a variety of different families, from small to large. Each apartment has one to four rooms to meet different residential needs, with a building area ranging from 48 to 173 square meters. The apartments have permanent ownership, meaning you can enjoy your living environment with peace of mind and pass it on to the next generation.

The apartments also offer a range of modern facilities, such as parking, swimming pools, and gyms, to meet residents' various needs and comforts. In addition, the apartments provide 24-hour security services, providing you and your family with more security and protection.

The high-rise apartments in Forest City are located in a prime location, close to the city center and other parts of the city. Living here, you can easily access various shops, entertainment venues, and restaurants. In addition, Forest City has excellent medical and educational facilities, making it easy for you and your family to live and learn.

The high-rise apartments in Forest City also offer many social activities, such as gatherings and sports, which allow you to better understand your neighbors and community. Here, you can meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, expand your social circle, and enjoy a multicultural experience.

Forest City Coastal Sky Mansion

The Forest City Coastal Sky Mansion is a very unique type of residence, characterized not only by its area of approximately 280-992 square meters, but also by its high-end facilities and luxurious decoration. Each villa has a large swimming pool for residents to enjoy the cool water world on hot summer days. The 360-degree sea view allows residents to enjoy unparalleled beauty, which other residences cannot compare with. In addition, the Sea Cloud community is also very suitable for family living because you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery here, allowing you and your family to spend a happy and healthy life.

Forest City Golf Villas

The Forest City Golf Villas are spacious and luxurious homes, perfect for those who love golf. These villas have an area of approximately 189-271 square meters and offer permanent ownership. They are quadplex golf villas, providing more comfortable living space. In addition, these villas are surrounded by three international standard 18-hole golf courses, where you can enjoy the joy of golf. In the Sea Cloud and Shanshui communities, you can not only enjoy golf, but also enjoy a comfortable life. The community environment is beautiful, with green trees and shade, allowing you to feel the beauty of nature. In addition, the community is equipped with various modern facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, and shops, making your life more comfortable and convenient. In short, the golf villa is a perfect choice that can meet your needs for both living and leisure.


Forest City’s real estate offerings are diverse and cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, including such things as high-rise condominiums, waterfront villas, sky-high mansions, luxury condominiums, and golf villas. Whether you’re looking for a quiet home on the coast or a high-rise condominium, there’s a heavy timber property for you. Forest City real estate is designed to provide maximum comfort, convenience and luxury. From spacious living rooms to modern amenities, we ensure that the highest standards of quality and luxury are met so that residents can live comfortably.

Forest City’s amenities include a variety of modern amenities, including a clean and comfortable swimming pool in addition to a spacious parking lot, giving residents a comfortable escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A fully equipped fitness center is available to help you maintain your health and wellness goals.

Forest City’s 24-hour security service is backed by a team of highly trained security personnel who are ready to respond to any situation that may arise.

Forest City Waterfront Villas include a variety of homes including single-family, duplexes and fourplexes. The size of these homes usually ranges from 48-173 square meters, providing enough space to accommodate the needs of a family. These villas usually have gardens or courtyards to provide a comfortable environment for residents to enjoy the sunshine and natural light.