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Forest City's Cost-Effective Prices

Forest City is located near Singapore and Malaysia, with prices only one-seventh of those in Hong Kong, and it offers great value with low cost of living. In addition, Forest City provides a high-quality living environment for residents to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

In Forest City, property owners have permanent ownership rights, this means that you can pass on your wealth with peace of mind, and the local government does not levy inheritance tax, fully respecting private property. In addition, the overseas property market is very mature with high transparency, which means that the interests of buyers are better protected.

The local legal and banking systems also further safeguard the interests of buyers. In addition, lawyers will monitor the accounts and progress to ensure that property ownership is safe and reliable.

Forest City's Geographic Advantages in Malaysia

The development located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, near Singapore. Since its launch in 2016, residential and tourism packages have been successively completed. Coupled with its proximity to Singapore and its advantageous economic policies for overseas personnel, it has built about 26,000 houses and has sold more than 20,000, all of which have been completed and met delivery conditions, more than 80% have been delivered. The price starts at MYR 510,000, which is equivalent to approximately HKD 870,000, and owners can have permanent ownership rights, as well as enjoy the natural ecology and high-quality living facilities of Forest City.


Many international events organised near Forest City such as Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Le Tour de Langkawi and Singapore F1 Grand Prix.


Introducing the superior geographical location and investment opportunities of Forest City, Singapore and Malaysia.


Examine the progress of Forest City and infrastructure plans in Malaysia, including the future government plans and multiple public transportation, etc.


Forest City located near Johor Bahru, Malaysia, just across the bridge from Singapore. This city is based on the concept of sustainable development and a green city, aiming to provide a comfortable living environment and rich living facilities. Unlike other cities, Forest City emphasizes greening and environmental protection in its design, as well as ecology and community construction.

One of the main advantages of owning a property in Forest City is permanent ownership, which means that you can enjoy all the benefits of the property without worrying about property ownership issues. In addition, the local government does not levy inheritance tax, allowing you to enjoy the various advantages of Forest City property with peace of mind. In addition, Forest City property provides a living environment that harmonizes with nature, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air of nature while maintaining physical and mental health.

Forest City is located in a naturally beautiful area with spacious and comfortable residential environment, and the property prices are relatively affordable, only one-seventh of the property prices in Hong Kong. This means that you can enjoy a high-quality living experience without the pressure of high property prices. In addition, the cost of living in Forest City is also relatively low, making the cost of living more reasonable.